New Interactive Physics Project!

Since I have some time on my hands, I’m starting a new physics project.

I believe that those of us interested in science education and educational video games / educational technology MUST pay more attention to pedagogy, especially modeling instruction. Although I managed to get some results in my dissertation, I know I was trying to cover way too much in my games in too short a time. Now, I’m going back to the modeling instruction curriculum in search of ideas and to make experiences—ultimately game hopefully—that have a more appropriate scope.

This is the current sketch of a constant velocity unit that I’m working on. The code is on GitHub. I’ll try to keep this updated, so you can see the development over time. I’m currently programming in the beta version of Unity (4.6.17), so the web player isn’t fully supported yet. As soon as I can, I’ll have a version up.

Keep in mind I consider this a mere sketch, a part of something, not even a true prototype yet. There’s still lots of things missing, but that will change over time!

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