Gamestar Mechanic Game Design Lesson

This instructional unit was developed for a required course (Design and Development of Instruction) in the Educational Technology graduate program at Arizona State University. This is a paper-and-pencil introduction to game design and an introduction to Gamestar Mechanic. Gamestar Mechanic is a video game that teaches game design and 21st century skills to middle school students. It was originally developed by the game studio, Gamelab, and was funded by the MacArthur Foundation. Gamestar Mechanic is now developed and published by E-Line Media. These manuals were developed to be used for a beta release in 2008. I had to design both an instructor and student manual for a class lasting about an hour with supporting materials including checklists, rubrics (solutions), etc., all of which are in the manuals. The instructional unit was tested with a class at Tesseract Upper School, a private school in Phoenix, Arizona.
Gamestar Mechanic Student Manual
Gamestar Mechanic Instructor Manual