Courses and Projects

The following lists the graduate courses I took while at Carnegie Mellon University and Arizona State University. Descriptions of projects are on the Portfolio page.

Master of Entertainment Technology (M.E.T), Carnegie Mellon University
The M.E.T. is a two year, professional applied media program that focuses on project-based, usually client-based, work. Most alumni go into the video game industry, location-based (theme park) entertainment industry, or related entertainment and media industries. The program is at the Entertainment Technology Center, and the degree is conferred through both the School of Computer Science and the School of Drama.

Building Virtual Worlds
Computer Music Systems and Information Processing
Improvisational Acting
Introduction to Computer Music
Fundamentals of Entertainment Technology
Visual Story

CMU Projects
Game Innovation Database

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Technology, Arizona State University

Active Learning in Mediated Environments
Advanced Instructional Design
Analysis-of-Variance Methods
Computational Principles for Media Arts
Design and Development of Instruction
Development of Computer-Based Instruction
Dynamic User-Centered Design
Educational Evaluation
Embodied Cognition
Foundations and Issues in Educational Technology
Instructional Media Design
Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Language, Learning, and Literacy: Situated and Sociocultural Approaches
Multiple Regression and Correlation Methods
Research in Educational Technology
Research in Virtual Worlds
Sound Sensing and Analysis for Interactive Environments
Theoretical Views of Learning
Video Gaming, Literacy, and Learning

ASU Projects
Gamestar Mechanic Game Design Lesson
Korean Language Learning with Pari
Ocular Anatomy Unit