Figure 1

This shows the number of negative and positive references to video game platforms in the tweet corpus data. There were a total number of 1,600,000 tweets. The tweets were analyzed for sentiment. Half were negative, and half were positive. The tweets were collected from April to June in 2009. Here’s a summary:

Platform Negative Positive Total
XBox 490 295 785
PlayStation 2 47 41 88
PlayStation 3 135 93 228
Wii 424 490 914
PlayStation Portable 68 71 139
Nintendo DS 10 4 14
Total 1174 994 2168

At the very least, this gives an example of how many references of video game platforms might show up in 1,600,000 tweets. This is also random data that is almost five years old. I can use the Twitter API to filter the public stream to build big data sets where each tweet references something relevant.

This figure raises some interesting questions:
There seems to be a lot of negativity. What are people complaining about?
In the negative tweets, is there an issue with a console, or did they just lose a game and/or mention a console in passing?
In the positive tweets, what’s positive about the experience? Is it really about the console?
Do the totals reflect sales at the time?
How representative is this sample? If one takes a sample of 1.6 million tweets, is this the usual amount of references (close to average), or will there be more on average because this data is five years old and there is more activity on Twitter (presumably by younger, tech savvy people who play video games)?

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